We are re-thinking the car wash industry.

We'd like to call ourselves a 'mobile car wash' but really we are much more than that. We'd love to say we are a 'mobile detailer' too but that means we are expensive (and we are not). We are both. The truth is, it's hard to make your car "really clean". That is why "they" do your car quickly and it's still dirty (even though you still wait an hour). It takes time to really get your car clean. We give you the attention your car deserves for a fraction of the price. And best of all, we come to your home or work. It's a no hassle way to get a car wash. We don't even make you pay until after your appointment is done.

WashMyCar was created to fill the common sense void that is the traditional car wash. Our results and our customer feedback speaks for itself. Some highlights of our service are below:

  • We use steam, it cleans your car better and kills bacteria.

  • Our vans are completely self contained. We use our own power and water.

  • Our staff is trained and professional.

  • Our products are top notch (not the cheap stuff!)

  • Learn the WashMyCar difference.

Our Mission

To clean your car so well, that you love your car again!

Our Vision

Do things right!

Our Values

Quality, value, and common sense.