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While our standard detail is great, there are some addon's you may need. If your car is extra dirty or needs stain removal, see below.

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Possible required addon's..


Extra Dirty or Pet Hair?

This takes our detailers more time and needs to be scheduled. Don't worry though, it's only a small upcharge.

Add It NOTE If your vehicle is Extra, Extra dirty, a custom quote is required. Contact us


Hand applied Carnuba Wax

A favorite among car enthusiasts. Carnuba is perhaps the shiniest of the wax's and offers great protection (up to 3 months). We hand apply our special Carnuba wax for an incredible shine and protection. It takes a bit more time for the detailer and it's not the cheap stuff, so it costs a little extra. But it's oh so worth it.

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Shampoo + Stain removal

Our Shampoo can power through those tough stains and smells and make your car looking and smelling great.

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Powerbuff + Synthetic Wax

Our incredible Powerbuff + Synthetic Wax addon will make your car shine again and protect your paint up to a year. It's our top of the line service which will powerbuff out scratches (in the clearcoat). It utilizes our top of the line synthetic wax which lasts and lasts.

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Other services + addon's to any detail

Call for add-ons not listed at checkout

Add a second or third car 10%off
Stain removal shampoo, full car $99
Powerbuff & synthetic wax $99
Floor matt shampoo (removes stains) $20
Carnuba wax (up to 3 mo.) $30


Why offer only one service?

We don't want to offer something that gives you an 'almost clean' car? Why not just give an amazing clean at a great price? That's why we have simplified our services and just offer a great detail at a great price. If you do need something custom, contact us at

Can I schedule recurring appointments?

This is exactly what our service was created for. Our system is designed for regular details. We can even offer lower pricing or upgrades for recurring customers. Contact us at

I'm an employer, can I hire you to come to our office?

Definitely. We work with companies of all sizes. We come to your office building on day(s) you choose and offer your employee's a great benefit and special pricing and services. Contact us at

I have a Mini-Van. Does that cost more?

Unfortunately, Yes. These require a small addon. Kids are messy and minivans are unique. They have many extra compartments and larger floormats than a traditional SUV. See the Mini-Van addon when you book your detail. Mini-Van's add a lot more time.

I have a large Truck/SUV. Does that cost more?

Just a little. If you have a full size truck/suv, it's just a $10 addon. If you have an Extra full size (think a large truck like an F250 or 2500 truck, or a suburban or extra long suv) it's a $29 addon, but it's still the best price in the industry.

What makes us different?

Nobody does details like WashMyCar - Our vans are entirely self contained and use their own power and water. Our detailers are extremely professional. We are changing the way you get your car washed. Our service was created for frequent details (monthly or bi-monthly). Get on a recurring program with us (just ask your detailer or contact us at

I have a custom request, can you help?

Sure thing, we love custom requests. We also offer corporate account discounts if you are an employer. Contact us at